The NAIG Council is the International Governing Body for the NAIG, which exercises exclusive jurisdiction, either directly or through its affiliate members or committees, over all matters pertaining to the North American Indigenous Games. It ensures the purposes and philosophies are reflected in all aspects of the Games. The Council is the principal authority for policy development, rules and regulations for the North American Indigenous Games. In its role, the NAIG Council supervises the overall development and implementation of the Games, including the selection of host communities through a bid process. The NAIG Council enters into a formal Hosting Agreement with the host community, which stipulates the terms under which the Games are awarded.

NAIG Council works in a manner, which is consistent with the cultural, spiritual and traditional values of the people it represents. In their activities they promote and encourage holistic individual development that focuses on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth of participants.

Structure and Composition
North America has been divided into twenty-six regions for the purpose of representation on the NAIG Council. A Council consisting of 13 mandated representatives from Canada and 13 representatives from the U.S.A. Canada is represented by the Aboriginal Sport Circle’s 13 Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Bodies that have a grassroots mandate to represent the interests of the First Nation, Inuit, and Metis people of their region. The USA is still evolving towards this model with the creation of the Indigenous Peoples Sport Circle. Its 13 state regions are the USA’s representation on the NAIG Council.

North American Indigenous Games Council – New Brunswick Representative (Region 7) is Mr. Pat Bernard. Pat can be contacted at (506) 999-1105 or