National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC)
The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) was established to promote personal excellence through sport and to support the holistic development of Aboriginal athletes and coaches. As a program of the ASC, the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) reflect those priorities while serving as the premier competition for minor level Aboriginal hockey in Canada.
The NAHC provide a forum for elite Bantam/Midget age Aboriginal hockey players, which attracts participation from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis within each of the thirteen Provinces and Territories of Canada. The long-term vision for the NAHC is to establish a competitive structure that will serve as the impetus for grassroots and regional Aboriginal hockey development. The event will help foster cultural unity and pride and celebrate the athletic abilities of Aboriginal athletes from across the country.

NAHC Principles

The NAHC embodies shared traditional Aboriginal principles that encourage holistic approaches to the personal development of all participants (athletes, team staff, and officials). The Championships take a balanced approach that supports the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural aspects of life. For this reason, the NAHC will include the meaningful involvement of Elders and cultural components throughout the program.
The NAHC are designed as an elite, all-star format where the best Bantam/Midget age hockey players are selected to compete on behalf of their Provinces and Territories. The event is inclusive, which means anyone of Aboriginal ancestry, whether First Nations (status or non-status Indian), Inuit or Métis, is eligible to compete.
The Championships promote drug and harassment free sport. Therefore a strict “zero tolerance” policy is adopted. The use of alcohol, tobacco (non-ceremonial), performance enhancing substances, and any acts of discrimination are strictly prohibited.
The 2011 NAHC will be taking place in Ottawa, Ontario in May.
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