• September 14, Atlantic Archery Centre (Fredericton) Registration is at 10:00am scoring at 11:00am
  • September 22, Burnt Church (school gym) at 10:00am.

Archery will have a 8 member team. Four traditional and four compound. The team is further broken down as follows:


  • 1 female traditional & 1 male traditional
  • 1 female compound & 1 male compound


  • 1 female traditional & 1 male traditional
  • 1 female compound & 1 male compound

Details of archery tryouts:

Archers will shoot TWO CANADIAN 300 Round’s (as per Archery Canada rules. 30 arrows shot at 18m on the 40cm target face or the 40cm triple face). The best of the two scores will determine ranking of each archer. The best two scores of the archers in each category will determine the core team and the alternate archers (one per category).

Also please don’t forget the $20 registration fee.

Archery Canada Rule Book –

NOTE: NAIG uses World Archery rules (FITA) for the 3D event which Archery Canada derives it’s rules. Please be familiar with these rules.