IndigenACTION was launched July 18, 2010 by Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo and AFN Youth Council Co-chairs Ashley Julian and Joshua Gottfriedson in Winnipeg, Manitoba. IndigenACTION is a national effort to build on the spirit and energy of the 2010 Olympic Games. For more information on IndigenACTION please visit the PARTNERS section of our website. Through IndigenACTION, we will foster the partnerships required to ensure Indigenous peoples in Canada have an opportunity to grow themselves and their communities through community fitness, wellness, sports and recreation.
IndigenACTION will enhance existing relationships and develop new partnerships to help improve the quality of life for Indigenous peoples by promoting healthy lifestyles, community togetherness and community-based economic spin-off opportunities. This will include securing greater investment and support for our own athletes, as sport has great potential to encourage, motivate and create confidence in our young people.