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Nominations for Induction in the following calendar year are accepted until October 19th. All nomination forms must be received by the deadline.

Any individual, association, First Nation community or organization may submit a nomination.

Each nomination is eligible for three (3) consecutive years. If at the end of three (3) consecutive years of eligibility, a nomination has not been selected for induction, the nomination must sit inactive for a period of one (1) year after which the nomination can be resubmitted.

All nominations will be considered at an initial NB Aboriginal Sport Hall of Fame Committee meeting during the second week of September. Depending on the outcome of that process, further information on the nomination may be required. The final selection process will take place during the last week of October and the names will be released to the media in early November.

CATEGORIES: Athlete, Builder and Team



•    Any team (consisting of able bodied or athletes with disabilities) that has attained a high level of excellence and brought recognition or honour to their First Nation community, New Brunswick or the Aboriginal sport community sport at a on a provincial, regional, or national level in relation to open level competition. Team members are recognized as part of a team and not as an individual Honoured Member.

•    The NB members of a Canadian Team, which has reached special excellence on a national or international level, may be nominated and inducted as a group in the Team category.

•    Teams are selected for achievements for either a one year term or an era. Teams may be nominated as a unit on the basis of a) a single season; b) successive years, i.e. 1960 – 62: or c) selected years, i.e. 1960 & 1962) provided that the level of achievement for each team was similar, and the team personnel was virtually the same each year.

•    A team is not eligible for nomination until three (3) years following the year which a team is nominated.


All nomination forms will be mailed to the address below and received by the September 30th deadline. The envelop must include all information (provided below) as to ensure that the nominations remain sealed until the New Brunswick Aboriginal Sport Hall of Fame Committee gather to review the applications for each of the nominees.

For further information please contact Mr. Pat Bernard, NBASRA Chairperson at (506) 999-1105 or