Ignite SJ – Volume 1 Issue 2

2010-2011 Simonds Seabees Varsity AAA Girls Basketball

What is a SEABEE? The Seabees are the Construction/Engineer Battalions (CBs) of the United States Navy. The Seabees have a history of building bases, bulldozing and paving thousands of miles of roadway and airstrips, and accomplishing myriad other construction projects in a wide variety of military theatres dating back to World War II.

The 2010-2011 Simonds Seabees Varsity Girls Basketball team is also multifaceted much like their military counterparts. Seabees are made up of a unique group of individuals with many talents. This season the Seabees are made up of seven NBIAA championship rugby players (two provincial teams members), three actresses who have leads in the Simonds High musical, three budding politicians who are on Student Council, a collection of field hockey and soccer players and one hockey player. 

This looks to be yet another interesting season for the Simonds High School Varsity Girls basketball team. The Seabees hope to improve on their 2009-2010 season as they are the defending Pembridge Insurance Pro Kids Tournament champions, named the 2009-2010 Basketball New Brunswick Fair Play Award winners, and went to the finals of both the St. Malachy’s and Simonds Tip-Off Tournaments.

The team is led offensively by Laurel Webster, Mercedes Peters and Rebecca Van Snick. Both Peters and Van Snick are looking to have breakout seasons. During the past season they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with at the defensive end of the floor. As the season went on they showed flashes of strong offensive post play. The post position will be bolstered by Cassidy Collings, Taylor Barker and Kelcy Clifford.

Laurel Webster, Emily Keating and Maria Boyle will control the offence by way of the guard position. Both guards are returning for their senior year. They are effective passers who pick their spots to attack the basket.

Carly Murray, Alison White, Michelle Hanson, Ashley Stewart and Boyle will occupy the wing position. This group may be the “X” factor to the season as their play will be the difference on the scoreboard. Murray, White and Hanson will all be returning for their third year of High School Basketball and Boyle has decided to make the switch from the rink to the gym.

The up-tempo play is inspired by tough as nails defenders Alison White, Kelcy Clifford, Taylor Barker, Cassidy Collings, Michelle Hanson, Carly Murray, and Ashley Stewart. This special group will be tasked with keeping the game in reach with their tough physical high octane style of defense.

The Seabees are coached by Head Coach Jason Peters and Assistant Coaches Darcy Barker and Chris Webster.